The qualities of a tubal reversal surgeon

There are many women who regret the decision of getting their tubes tied. With the advancements in the medical field now there is a possibility of re-joining the cut fallopian tubes. The tubal reversal surgery is currently being the most preferred form. The high success rate of this surgery and the convenience of not having to stay hospitalized for too long has certainly caught the attention of couples. However, one of the key elements of success is finding the best reversal surgeons who can ensure everything goes on smoothly. Generally, couples who are looking to consult a surgeon are often in despair. In pursuit of becoming parents they do everything to arrange the finances and want the earliest date for the surgery. The present scenario indicates there is a huge rush of such couples looking for reversal surgeons and it might take months before they get a date. My sister suggested me to consult Dr. Natchez Morice and visit his tubal reversal center.

Actually the procedure of tubal reversal surgery has been around for many years. However, not many were aware of this procedure. Even the surgeons and doctors were not competent to carry on the procedure. In most cases when couples approached the fertility specialists for suggestions of getting pregnant they were advised to undergo the IVF procedure. As mentioned earlier, the increasing success rate of tubal reversal surgery in addition to the advancements in medical technologies have now reversed the scenario. Couples have also identified the cost of a tubal reversal surgery is far lower compared to IVF.

The key points to look for in a reversal surgeon are as follows:

  1. The years of experience the surgeon has in performing tubal ligation reversal surgery.
  2. Whether the surgeon only performs the tubal reversal surgery or is he also performing other surgeries.
  3. Many surgeons would make claims of their high success rates. It is needed to check whether they have supported evidence backing their claims.
  4. The best option would be to seek information from others who underwent tubal reversal surgery. They would be able to tell in details about the way a specific tubal reversal surgeon performs his task.

When couples are able to find the best tubal reversal surgeon it would help them in increasing the success rate of the surgery. Additionally, the regular follow ups post surgery will facilitate a safe and sound pregnancy. A good tubal reversal surgeon will let the couples know about the pros and cons of the tubal reversal surgery. If the screening tests reveal the couple is unfit for the procedure he will clearly state this. Currently, there are many tubal reversal clinics in the U.S. The patient can get the surgery done as an outpatient basis. Staying in the clinic would hardly be a day or two.